Berkshire Jewish Voice Highlights

Highlights from the Berkshire Jewish Voice

Traveling With Jewish Taste: Time to Loosen Your Borscht Belt

Our Traveling With Jewish Taste correspondent Carol Goodman Kaufman explores the deep connections between Ukrainian and Jewish culinary traditions - and how borscht became a quintessential example of both cuisines.

A Message from Tom and Suzanne Sawyer, 2022 Super Tzedakah Week Co-Chairs

Super Tzedakah Week co-chair Tom Sawyer shares his thoughts about what Federation and Jewish connection have meant for his interfaith family and the communal lives they have built in the Berkshires.

Rabbi Reflection: Pesach as a Reminder of the Redemptive Capacity of Speech

In this Rabbi Reflection column, Rabbi Seth Wax of Williams College reflects on how during Passover we reconnect with the story of our ancestors who were disconnected from speech and who rediscovered their connection to it

In My View: Your Support Helps Us Care For Ukrainian Jews in Crisis

In this In My View column, Executive Director Dara Kaufman shares that our Federation has raised $100,000 to support its overseas partners in their efforts to help Ukrainian Jews in a time of ongoing crisis.

Kyiv Native Natasha Dresner on the Situation in Ukraine

Kyiv native Natasha Dresner, a member of our local Jewish community who worked for JDC in Ukraine, shares her thoughts about the evolving situation in Eastern Europe and the resilience of Jewish NGOs operating in the region. Image: Ukrainian Jews arriving in Israel thanks to the…