Berkshire Jewish Voice Highlights

Highlights from the Berkshire Jewish Voice

Tu Bi'Shevat / Sh'mita Year - On the Spiritual Benefits of Rest and Renewal

Rabbi Neil P.G. Hirsch of Hevreh of Southern Berkshire shares how the biblical concept of "sh'mita" - resting the land from cultivation every seventh year - can show us a path toward renewal as we emerge from pandemic thinking

Guest Editorial: A Jewish Perspective on the MA Debate Over Ethnic Studies

Jeremy Burton, the executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston, on the controversial proposed bill in the Massachusetts legislature that would establish a new, possibly biased, ethnic studies curriculum for Commonwealth students

"Walking the Labyrinth" - Pamela Wax’s First Collection of Poems

Rabbi Pamela Wax’s first volume of poetry confronts the grief of losing a loved one

The OMfG Podcast: Two Rabbis Grapple with Our Unprecedented Times

Coping (like all of us) with the pandemic, Rabbi Jen Gubitz and Rabbi Jodie Gordon (she of Hevreh in Great Barrington) explore matters mundane to metaphysical on their monthly OMfG Podcast: Jewish Wisdom for Unprecedented Times

The Insidiousness of the Canary in the Coal Mine Analogy - Author Dara Horn

Author Dara Horn speaks with the BJV's Carol Goodman Kaufman about today's overt anti-Semitism and its cultural resonances - explored in her new collection of essays, "People Love Dead Jews: Reports from a Haunted Present"