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Highlights from the Berkshire Jewish Voice

How Being A Jewish Mother Prepared Me to Become a Clinical Therapist/LICSW

Can the fabled nurturing skills of a traditional Jewish mother be translated into a positive psychotherapeutic program for folks outside one's "mishpocha"? Mara Goodman-Davies, LICSW, certainly thinks so, and in this Berkshire Jewish Voices essay, she shares how her own experiences inform…

Traveling With Jewish Taste: On Passover, Abandon Sheep?

As regards to serving lamb at the Seder, Sephardi (yes) and Ashkenazi (no) traditions diverge. Our Traveling With Jewish Taste columnist Carol Goodman Kaufman explains how this came about - and provides a recipe for mina, a Sephardi savory pie.

Attorney Susan J. Cohen on "US Immigration Stories Up-Close and Personal"

Susan J. Cohen, a member of Boston’s Mintz law firm with a home in the Berkshires, is a nationally recognized immigration attorney and the author (with Steven T. Taylor) of "Journeys From There to Here: Stories of Immigrant Trials, Triumphs and Contributions." She spoke with the BJV about…

Berkshire Jewish Voices: Finding Comfort Outside Our Comfort Zones

Richard Reiss felt certain that his close adult friendships would be formed with people from many different ethnic and religious backgrounds, as they were during his youth. That didn't happen - the social circles he inhabited were predominantly Jewish. In this Berkshire Jewish Voices…

In My View: Ascending Our Communal Ladder

In this month's In My View column, Federation president Elisa Schindler-Frankel reflects on a record-setting fundraising year in 2021 and shares some thoughts on all that might be accomplished by this organization in the year ahead