Berkshire Jewish Voice Highlights

Highlights from the Berkshire Jewish Voice

"Those" People in These Times

In this Berkshire Jewish Voices essay, local author Richard Reiss writes about how anti-Semitism has affected his life, and on the importance of taking action as anti-Jewish acts spike in the United States today.

"A Year with Martin Buber" - A New Book by Rabbi Dennis S. Ross

In his new book, Lenox resident Rabbi Dennis S. Ross guides us through a year of Torah readings through the lens of Martin Buber's thought and views about human and divine connection

Leaving the Mountaintop: A Local Historian's Journey on the John Muir Trail

Three weeks on California's John Muir Trail showed Professor Michael Hoberman of Fitchburg State University that God and tradition follow us wherever we are willing to take them

Traveling With Jewish Taste: Croatia, Jews, and a New Novel

Our Traveling With Jewish Taste correspondent Carol Goodman Kaufman writes about the Jewish history of the Balkan nation of Croatia, and shares a recipe for restani krumpir, a delicious and simple potato dish

Cultural Historian Henry Sapoznik to Host 3 Federation Programs This Winter

Cultural historian Henry Sapoznik will present three Federation programs this winter: "The Lost World of African-American Cantors 1915-1953," "Yente Telebende: The Bad Girl of the Yiddish World," & "BANJEW: A Century of the Banjo in Klezmer Music" - see the story for more on Henry and links…