Berkshire Jewish Voice Highlights

Highlights from the Berkshire Jewish Voice

Ken Y’hi Ratzon - Let It Be So

From Elisa Schindler Frankel's remarks as outgoing president of Jewish Federation of the Berkshires at our 83rd Annual Meeting on June 20. Thank you, Elisa, for all you do for this Jewish community!

Rabbi Reflection: Envisioning the Future after a Time of Devastation

"Shabbat Chazon," the Sabbath of vision, falls this year on July 22. In this Rabbi Reflection column, Rabbi Neal Borovitz looks to scripture and history to offer some thoughts on how to repair the divisions among today's Jews.

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Traveling With Jewish Taste - Go Fish!

It's been said that if wishes were fishes, we would all cast nets. In this Traveling With Jewish Taste column, our correspondent Carol Goodman Kaufman explores the place of fish in the Jewish diet - plus a recipe for "Chraime: Moroccan Fish in Spicy Tomato Sauce."

How Reparations were Secured for Victims of the Holocaust

Ambassador Stuart E. Eizenstat, negotiator for the Jewish Claims Conference to secure reparations for victims of the Holocaust, writes about the film "Reckonings," which tells that story. He will speak at the Berkshire Jewish Film Festival on July 17 before a screening of the documentary.