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Delis and Dilemmas - Links to Stories From the Current BJV

Delis and Dilemmas: Links to stories in the current Berkshire Jewish Voice.

March for Israel 2023: Community Members Share Their Experiences

On November 14, 2023, close to 300,000 Jews and allies came together on the National Mall in Washington, DC for the largest pro-Israel gathering in the history of the North American Jewish community to sound our unified voice in support of Israel. Jewish Federation of the Berkshires is so…

Rabbi Reflection: We Are Meant to Pause

There is a reason that 365 of the 613 mitzvot instruct us to NOT do something, according to Rabbi Barbara Cohen of Congregation Ahavath Sholom, far fewer than the 248 positive commandments - in this Tu BiShevat-themed Rabbi Reflection column, she explains why.

Traveling With Jewish Taste Review: Feed a Crowd Around "The Giving Table"

"Naomi Ross has produced a beautifully illustrated and designed collection in The Giving Table. Dedicated primarily to entertaining, cooking for a large crowd, and what she calls 'culinary chesed,' Ross has developed unique twists on some classic dishes, as well as some new and creative…

Ways We Can Navigate Through Our Heartbreak Together

Dara Kaufman, executive director of Jewish Federation of the Berkshires, shares her thoughts on how we can come together as a community during these challenging times.