Berkshire Jewish Voice Highlights

Highlights from the Berkshire Jewish Voice

Jewish Wisdom for Walking into the Unknown

Rabbi Jodie Gordon of Hevreh of Southern Berkshire draws on contemporary and ancient Jewish wisdom in offering thoughts on how to make it through these difficult times with grace and confidence

Dispatch from a Distillery in Israel

Intrepid bronfin (whiskey) aficionado Alex Rosenblum ventures out to the highlands just before Israel's coronovirus shutdowns to tipple at Golan Heights Distillery

We're Off on the Road to Morocco - Culinarily, At Least

Our Traveling With Jewish Taste columnist Carol Goodman Kaufman shares some surprising facts about Morocco's rich Jewish history, as well as a recipe for one of that Jewish community's notable dishes - braised chicken with dates

Through the Lens of a Jewish Upbringing, Strengthening Her Identity

Pailey Feakes, a rising sophomore at Skidmore College, reflects on her Jewish upbringing in the Berkshires and her exploriation of her racial and religious minority status as an Asian and a Jew

A Source of Strength to One Another

Executive Director Dara Kaufman of Jewish Federation of the Berkshires writes about how this organization mobilized to serve the Jewish community during a year of unprecdented challenges.