Berkshire Jewish Voice Highlights

Highlights from the Berkshire Jewish Voice

Recommitting to Our Values and Our Traditions to Achieve New Goals

Rabbi Levi Volovik of Chabad of the Berkshires writes how, in the newly-minted year of 5782, it is "time to 'unpack' our bag of infuse any and all spiritual lethargy with renewed energy and positivity."

Putting the Most Important Themes of the Jewish New Year Into Action

Elisa Schindler Frankel, president of the Jewish Federation of the Berkshires, wishes our Berkshire Jewish community a "Shanah Tovah" (Sweet New Year) and "Gmar Chatimah Tovah" (A Good Final Sealing)

"Bound by Creativity": Berkshire Native Hannah Wohl Covers Contemporary Art

Berkshire native and sociologist Hannah Wohl immersed herself in the world of contemporary art , and the result is a thoroughgoing, surprising, and often arch exploration of how art is conceived, created, and marketed today. She'll speak on September 14 at the Lenox Library.

Let the Shofar’s Sound Call Us to Return to a Productive, Purposeful Life

As the High Holy Days approach, Rabbi David Weiner of Knesset Israel writes how the shofar's sound is an alarm meant to startle us out of our habits in a way that no verbal message ever could

Traveling With Jewish Taste - Italy: Pasta and Future

Our Traveling With Jewish Taste correspondent Carol Goodman Kaufman explores the complex relationship that the Jews have had with Italy, which dates back to Roman times