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Follow the links for Berkshire Jewish Voices stories from the latest BJV: Albert Stern's "Don't Let the Perfect Become the Enemy of the Pot Roast" and Ruth Kaplan's "Accepting the Inevitable."

Tea for Jew, and Jews for Teas - Traveling With Jewish Taste

Tea - after water the most popular drink in the world. In this Traveling With Jewish Taste column, our correspondent Carol Goodman Kaufman writes about the Tribe's love of the camellia sinensis plant (traditional tea) and the many herbal infusions enjoyed at our tables.

Violins and Hope: From the Holocaust to Symphony Hall, with Daniel Levin

In commemoration of Yom HaShoah, on Thursday, April 20 at 6:45 p.m., join celebrated photographer, author, and professor Daniel Levin for an online discussion about his new book, "Violins and Hope: From the Holocaust to Symphony Hall," which explores master violinmaker Amnon Weinstein’s…

So, Hell or Homeland?: Experiencing Tom Stoppard's "Leopoldstadt"

In this essay about Tom Stoppard's "Leopoldstadt," Linda Burghardt connects the themes of the play - how the dreams of a Jewish Viennese family broke into a thousand pieces during World War II - to her own "assimilated" Austrian family's experiences and memories.

Doug Mishkin Keeps the Folk Flame Burning

“Woody’s Children” composer Doug Mishkin will perform folk music favorites at Hevreh on April 15. In this BJV Interview, the Egremont resident and attorney shared some thoughts on his musical, Jewish, and Berkshire journeys.