Berkshire Jewish Voice Highlights

Highlights from the Berkshire Jewish Voice

Seeking Peace Through the Trauma of Shared Loss

Sydney Pope and Gaby Ivanova of Students for Israeli Palestinian Dialogue group at Williams College share the experience of talking with two young members of The Parents Circle - Family Forum, a joint Israeli-Palestinian peacebuilding network of over 600 bereaved families and individuals…

Helping Each Other, Cultivating Hope for the Better Days that are Coming

Rabbi Rachel Barenblat of Congregation Beth Israel in North Adams shares the teaching of the rabbi of the Warsaw Ghetto, R. Kalman Kalonymus Shapira, to encourage us all to cultivate trust that better days are ahead

"Discovering a Shared Love of Caramel and Social Justice" via Caring Pals

Regina Fink, a junior at Williams College, shares how she enlisted the help of Federation to create Caring Pals, which matches students with isolated seniors in our community to form relationships and connections.

We Kid You Not - Kitniyot are Permissible on Passover

Our Traveling With Jewish Taste correspondent Carol Goodman Kaufman writes about how at long last "kitniyot" - corn, rice, legumes, etc. - have been deemed "Kosher For Passover" by an Ashkenazi rabbi. What does it mean for you this Pesach? Maybe gundi - Persian chicken and chickpea soup dumplings.

Book Review: How Yiddish Changed America And How America Changed Yiddish

BJV Yiddish and bronfen correspondent Alex Rosenblum reviews "How Yiddish Changed America and How America Changed Yiddish," an anthology of essays, articles, excerpts of Yiddish plays and stories, poems, and cartoons. This "monumental effort" with a "boundless optimism for Yiddish" was…