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Highlights from the Berkshire Jewish Voice

A Parallel Between Two Seasons Of Inner Work

By Rabbi Rachel Barenblat

The Jewish year balances between twin seasonal hinges. Pesach launches us into the spring; the Days of Awe launch us into the fall. Each of those festival seasons offers a doorway into deep introspection.

In the spring, we cleanse our homes of hametz (leaven). The…

Empowering Local Students to be Agents of Change

Pittsfield, MA school superintendent Dr. Jason McCandless talks about partnering with Federation.

One Story Becoming Peer Leader Provided Knowledge, Skills, and Resources

Each year, the Jewish Federation of the Berkshires directs some of your campaign dollars to support efforts within the local community to combat bias and build bridges. Domenica Gomez participated in the initial Berkshire County rollout of A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute peer training, w…

Transcending a devastating disease through exploration and discovery

An excerpt from Helene Berger's memoir "Choosing Joy – Alzheimer’s: A Book of Hope," about transcending a devastating disease through exploration and discovery, peace and acceptance

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By Albert Stern / BJV Editor

When someone tells me how much they admire this Federation’s work, most of the time that person will add how surprised they are by how much we accomplish given our size. This is especially true if that person lives or has lived in a large Jewish community.