27 2020

Family Tree of Life

10:45AM - 11:45AM  

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Flora Rosefsky is known for her collage and mixed media work, designing and coordinating community quilts for public institutions, and creating Jewish ritual works for synagogues. As a teaching artist, Flora has led numerous workshops for cultural centers, museums, synagogues, schools and libraries.


This hands on workshop is for both the novice and experienced artist. Use your imagination in a risk-free environment where experimenting in new ways to think and to work is encouraged.


Create a “Family Tree of Life” work of art that can express both  honoring and remembering loved ones as well as cherishing one’s current family.  Using the Polish traditional method of paper cutting, Wycinanki (pronounced Vee-chee-NON-kee), Flora will show us how folding paper and cutting connecting lines and shapes is magically transformed. Combining the paper cutout process attributed to Henri Matisse, participants also can choose to “draw with their scissors” by adding symbols, family photographs or hand written messages to embellish their tree. The designs can be framed or later be transposed into greeting cards or needlework projects.  



1 glue stick – ELMER’S brand works well and/or white school glue

1 paper scissor

1 # 2  pencil with eraser

1 black pen (medium point)



1 sheet of paper 8 ½ x 11  (for the “support” of your art, not to be cut). This can be card stock paper white or any color, or other paper like poster board, Bristol or any white heavier drawing paper or construction color paper

5 sheets of paper – 8 ½ x 11 – colored copy paper (any color), or construction paper, (any color)

(note: these 5 sheets of paper colors should not be the same as the color used for the “support”


Other assorted papers – shades of greens, blues, reds etc.. Can be magazine cutouts from ads, photos of foods where there are textures, or Origami paper, gift wrap paper, or other papers you have at home.

Can also take white copy paper, and use a color crayon, or watercolor paint – to draw or paint over the white paper to create your own assorted colored papers. 


This free program is part of the Federation’s Connecting With Community Series.