9 2015

Kabbalah workshops in the Berkshires

1:00PM - 3:00PM  

Chabad of the Berkshires 450 South Street
Pittsfield,, MA 01201
413.499.9899 Jewishberkshires@gmail.com

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$ Cost $ 49.00

Chabad of the Berkshires presents

Kabbalah Workshops in the Berkshires

July 9
1 PM- The Spiritual origins of Liberalism and Conservatism. The Redemptive marriage of the future.
The level of political tension between liberals and conservatives seems to be continually intensifying. Which side is the Torah on?

2 PM- Mind Control: The power of Our Thought, Speech and Actions
Does it really matter what we think if we don't ever speak those thoughts, let alone act on them? Learn how the inner dimensions of our foundational characteristics are the basis for how we interact with the world around us and how much power they have.

July 16
1 PM- A Psychological understanding of the Ten Commandments.
It is normal to think that only some of the Ten Commandments apply. How many of us struggle with "Do Not Murder", or "Do Not Steal"?
Join the inspiring and fascinating workshop on how each of the Ten Commandments has absolute meaning and relevance for us all.


2PM- The Body 2.0: Jewish Visions of the End of Aging, Radical Life Extension and the Medical Marvels of Today and Tomorrow
What does Judaism say about the elimination of disease, the arresting and reversing of aging and prospects for human immortality? The class will cast issues of health, healing and redemption from aging and death, in light of Jewish perspectives.

July 23
1 PM- Life and Afterlife according to Kabbalah
Many wonder about our "reality" prior to this world or the location of real-estate that we inhabit once we've left. There are no shortage of questions about Afterlife. Rabbi Asher Crispe will map out an extended biography of the soul prior to first descending into a body until it reaches the World to Come.

2 PM- Transforming Darkness into Light: Dealing with Challenge and Tragedy according to Kabbalah

July 30

1 PM- Redefining Love According to Kabbalah
Learn the Kabbalistic approach to healthy relationships by exploring what it means to give and receive and how a marriage is not about two halves, but two wholes who create a new entity while remaining individuals.
2 PM
Kabbalah and Film Theory: Inner Dimensions of Hollywood
In an age of information, media rules the world. Today film, in particular, has become the literature of the contemporary world. Increasingly, many people filter the world through the movies they watch, using the craftwork of popular culture as the basis for constructing a personal philosophy of life. Where in the writings of the mystical tradition can we find an anticipation of the advent of film and what spiritual lessons may we derive from this?