9 2021

Journey to Jewish Rome - 2 part virtual tour of Italy

10:00AM - 11:00AM  

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Origins of Italian Jews through Emancipation in 1870

Savor an espresso and slip on your virtual traveling shoes and Zoom straight to Rome for a fun, passionate, and personal tour of Rome’s Jewish history and culture with guide, Micaela Pavoncello. Micaela’s Jewish family in Rome goes back over 2000 years, and she absolutely knows the Piazza (ghetto) – its people, stories, and spirit. She knows everyone from the Chief Rabbi to the humble store keepers and leading chefs. And as an art historian, she is uniquely able to illustrate the journey of a community from ancient times to today.

Born in Rome to a Jewish Roman father (proud to be here since Caesar’s time!) and a Libyan Jewish Sephardic mother, Micaela Pavoncello is in love with the city of Rome. After studying art history at the University of Rome, she traveled extensively meeting other Jews along her way and exploring their stories and communities.  Later, as the head of exhibitions for the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, she had the opportunity to meet artists, collectors, curators, and visitors from all over the world.

Micaela created Jewish Roma Walking Tours in 2003 after years of research on her family’s Italian Jewish roots and the history of the Jewish Roman community at the Central Archive of Rome. Realizing that most people see Rome only as a city of Christianity, she has made it her mission to teach travelers of all faiths about the bimillenary existence of the Jews in the city.

Part Two: Being held on Monday, December 20 Mussolini, War and Italian Occupation - see calendar listing for link to register