5 2021

Tipping the Balance: Contemporary Sculpture by John Van Alstine-Chesterwood

3:00PM - 5:00PM  

Chesterwood 4 Williamsville Road
Stockbridge, MA

Contact Nancy Maurice Rogers
413-442-4360 x15

Please join us for a guided tour of the new exhibit: Tipping the Balance: Contemporary Sculpture by John Van Alstine, in-person at Chesterwood.

This program is free but pre-registration is required and space is limited.

Masking policy per Chesterwood:  Masks are required of all visitors and staff, regardless of their vaccination status, while on the property, including when outside. Masks should fit tightly and meet CDC guidelines. Gaiters and scarves are not a substitute for a multi-layer mask.  Click here to review Chesterwood's full safety protocols.


For more than forty years, John Van Alstine has created abstract sculptures with stone and forged or found steel. These constructs explore the nexus of natural forces and man-made objects at the intersection between wild nature and technology. His work reflects a particularly American tension between the natural and manmade environment. Van Alstine’s sculptures give voice to the meeting point of geological time and civilization.

Van Alstine’s art is informed by 20th century ideas gleaned from abstraction, constructivism, Eastern art and philosophy, assemblage, found objects and aspects of cubism and collage. The artist’s themes come from Greek and Roman mythology, celestial navigation and the human figure in Western art. He explores the effects of movement and gravity/tension on objects, the synergy of man-made tools for work and the angularity and vitality of urban architecture. He has been described as an abstract artist with a modernist’s sense of composition, a sculptor who finds the balance and energy in the moment, an artist who evokes narratives from inanimate objects, a figurative artist.

Tipping the Balance: Contemporary Sculpture by John Van Alstine is an exhibition that reveals the depth and breadth of this remarkable artist’s creativity and talent. Eleven large outdoor sculptures showcase his aesthetic journey from the 1990s to present in distinctive explorations of form and composition and meaning. A major hardbound book on the arc of Van Alstine’s artistic career, covering the evolution of his art through works in national and international public and private collections, will accompany the exhibition.