28 2022

The Impact of Contemporary Holocaust Memorials on our Community

6:45PM - 7:45PM  

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In conversation with Dr. Carol Salus, art historian, we will mark Yom HaShoah and look at a variety of European and American Holocaust monuments, and consider is it even possible to represent a catastrophe of such immense proportions?  Is either of these visual languages---figurative or abstract---more effective in addressing the mass murders and countless other crimes?  How does an architect, sculptor, or painter design a structure for now as well as future generations to learn about man’s potential for evil? 

J. Carol Salus, Ph.D., recently retired after an accomplished career as a Professor at Kent State University’s School of Art. She has published on Picasso, Degas, R. B. Kitaj, Andy Warhol, and Roy Lichtenstein, and has taught Art History and American Art and Architecture. She earned her Ph.D. in Art History from Ohio State University and has received multiple awards and honors for her teaching, scholarship, and writing.  She often combines her broad expertise in art, together with her interest in Jewish history.