11 2016

Sage-ing in Community: Creating Our Place

1:00PM - 3:30PM  

Chapel at the Church on the Hill 55 Main Street
Lenox, MA

Contact Susie Kaufman
(413) 637-4219

$ Cost $ 30.00

Building on the teachings of Reb Zalman Schachter Shalomi z”l, the Age-ing to Sage-ing® program invites participants to embrace life and live your elder years more consciously, more joyfully, and more compassionately.
Many of us long for something we refer to as community. For some, it is something we wish to return to; for others, it is an ideal that we seek. Let’s explore together some of the building blocks and experiences of community in this phase of life.
In this workshop we will:
• Reflect on how we give and receive in relationship with family and friends.
• Ponder both “wise independence” and “the dance of interdependence.”
• Recall our most memorable experiences of community and how that informs your life.
• Identify the values most important to you in community, and explore what ideal community means to you.
• Consider opportunities for Sage-ing® in community.
All who want to gain deep meaning in the aging process are welcome.

Sponsor: Rimon