16 2014

Berkshire Hills Hadassah - Youth Aliyah Dessert Reception

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

The Whitney Center for the Arts, 42 Wendell Avenue,
Pittsfield, MA 01201

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$ Cost $ 36.00

Hadassah’ founder – Henrietta Szold said: “I too am a totalitarian, I want to rescue the totality of German youth” (1939).
From this fundamental principle of saving German youth, Hadassah became a child-rescue institution saving 11,000 children and transported them to Israel. Hadassah supports, trains, cares for, and educates youth throughout Israel. You will learn about the many Youth Aliyah villages which provide a safety net of services—food, shelter, education and love—to immigrants and at-risk Israeli children from poor or abusive homes in Israel.
Come to support this valuable program and learn about its many initiatives. Our special guest speaker is Carol Goodman Kaufman, Ph.D., the newly appointed National Chair of Youth Aliyah, formerly the chair of Hadassah Academic College, and a former Pittsfield resident.
(1939) Youth Aliyah Records in the Hadassah Archives on Long-term Deposit at the American Jewish Historical Society, American Jewish Historical Society, Boston, MA and New York, NY.)

Sponsor: Berkshire Hills Hadassah