Stories to Share: Links to Essays Reprinted in this BJV

In the latest BJV, two distinguished writers were kind enough to let us reprint stories that originally appeared in other publications.

Leonard Saxe, professor at Brandeis and a member of our Berkshire Jewish community, shared his opinion column "Who Counts? Ensuring that Israel understands the size and composition of the worldwide Jewish community is of enormous strategic importance." It originally appeared in The Jewish Journal, the Los Angeles Jewish newspaper.

Miriam Borden originally published her delightful exploration of “Herring: The Chosen People’s Chosen Fish” in The Canadian Jewish News back in 2018. That we stumbled upon it was truly “mazel dogim.” Miriam is a PhD student in Yiddish at the University of Toronto, an educator and researcher who strives to build understanding, nurture curiosity, and develop critical perspective in the field of Yiddish language studies and Jewish (Yiddish and Hebrew) literature, culture, and history. You can find out more about Miriam at

Additionally, the story about Building Beauty: The Harmonograph Art of Ivan Moscovich” now on view at the National Museum of Mathematics ( appeared via JTA.