Kosher Lunch Program Menu - November 20, 2023 to January 11, 2024

Kosher Lunch Program Menu - November 20, 2023 to January 11, 2024

Gluten Free Main Entrée ** and Dairy Free Main Entrée #




Monday, 20     Fish sticks, mushroom soup, cheese pierogis and onions, broccoli, oat bread, and peaches.


Tuesday, 21    Eggplant parmesan, ziti and sauce, salad, garlic bread, and fruit cocktail.


Thursday, 23   Closed for Thanksgiving


Monday, 27     Hot dogs and beans**#, tomato vegetable soup, salad, hot dog roll, and Mandarin oranges.


Tuesday, 28    Vegetable lasagna, green beans, salad, roll, and brownies.


Thursday, 30   Szechuan chicken**#, rice, Oriental blend vegetables, egg drop soup, Chinese noodles, and almond cookies.




Monday, 4       Meatloaf**#, mashed potatoes, salad, white bread, and fruit cocktail.


Tuesday, 5      Stuffed portobello mushroom**#, herbed couscous blend, Tuscan tomato soup, pumpernickel bread, and cookies.


Thursday, 7     Honey mustard salmon**, potato pancakes, sour cream, salad, Challah, and applesauce.


Monday, 11     Tuna noodle casserole, asparagus cuts n tips, tomato cabbage soup, oat bread, and sufganiyot.


Tuesday, 12    Roasted chicken**#, fruit and nut couscous, mixed vegetables, salad, multi-grain bread, and chocolate coins.


Thursday, 14   Sweet and sour brisket**#, herb roasted potatoes, chicken noodle soup, salad, Challah, and fruit compote.


Monday, 18     Mushroom and cheese tart, green beans, vegetable soup, Farmers loaf, and cookies.


Tuesday, 19    Cincinnati beef chili#, white rice, broccoli, salad, roll, and apricots.


Thursday, 21   Pierogies with mushrooms and onions#, broccoli, corn chowder, whole wheat bread, and chocolate pudding.


Monday, 25     Closed for Christmas Day.


Tuesday, 26    Hot dogs**#, baked beans, stuffed cabbage soup, hot dog roll, and fruit cocktail.


Thursday, 28   Stuffed pepper casserole**, rice, tomato soup, multi-grain bread, and tapioca pudding.




Monday, 1       Closed for New Year’s Day.


Tuesday, 2      Vegetable curry**#, brown rice, spinach salad, naan bread, and Mandarin oranges.


Thursday, 4     Turkey chili#, egg noodles, Italian green beans, salad, Farmers loaf, and parve cookies.


Monday, 8       Meatloaf**#, garlic mashed potatoes, peas and carrots, salad, white bread, and pineapple.


Tuesday, 9      Eggplant parmesan, spaghetti with sauce, broccoli, salad, multi-grain bread, and tapioca pudding.


Thursday, 11   Poultry piccata**#, rice, Brussels sprouts, salad, roll, and pears.